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Infinity Mirrored Room—My Heart is Dancing into the Universe

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, recently acquired Infinity Mirrored Room—My Heart is Dancing into the Universe, 2018 by Yayoi Kusama. This artwork is an enclosed room filled with mirrors and dotted paper lanterns that change color. This effect makes it appear like the dots expand forever into the universe.

Kusama is a contemporary artist who makes paintings, sculptures, performances, and installations. Dots are a common theme throughout her work—a pattern that she has utilized in her work since she was a child in an effort to escape trauma and anxiety. Crystal Bridges acquired another artwork of hers in 2018, Flowers That Bloom Now, which can be found in the North Forest.

The Infinity Mirrored Room is located in the Contemporary Art Gallery. A timed experience will be available to members from August 31 to September 30, and to the public on October 2. Each participant will be allowed to view the installation for one minute. More information and tickets can be reserved HERE.

In an adjacent gallery is a collection of newly hung contemporary figurative that include the following pieces.

For more information about the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, click HERE

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